The LPI Learning Survey

A Snapshot of a Profession Undergoing Rapid Change

London (UK), February 2024 - The world of L&D is undergoing a seismic shift. Recent advances, AI in particular, are causing people to question what the future might look like. Everything's moving fast, so there’s a need to accelerate learning just as quickly.

The LPI Learning Survey aims to reveal how people in the L&D industry feel about their effectiveness, the advance of AI, their working lives, and their working futures. It is a snapshot of a profession undergoing rapid change and a testament to its resilience and creativity.

Key questions consider L&D budgets and resources; L&D's voice and others' perceptions of it; L&D capabilities and skills; how L&D feels about its technology and methods and the rise of AI; the challenges faced by consultants and vendors; and much more.

  • Efficacy - How effective is L&D?
  • AI - How is it changing L&D?
  • Day to day - the working environment
  • Consultants - a view into the working lives of learning consultants
  • Providers - a glimpse into vendors of learning tools, platforms, and technologies
  • Vox populi - What do L&D people really think?