Platform Based Learning

Breeio Announces Seamless Zoom-LMS integration

Cambridge (UK), June 2020 - The team behind Breeio LMS is launching a streamlined integration with Zoom, making it easy to administrate, track, and report on virtual events, as well as presenting virtual classroom sessions as part of blended programmes for learners. Keeping learning on track remotely is the pressing challenge of the moment for L&D professionals.


CommLab India

Maximizing Impact in the Virtual Classroom

Hyderabad (IN), May 2020 - Organizations across the globe are struggling to cope with the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up. Classroom training is no longer an option for employee training, with both the trainers and employees working from home. Classroom instructors are now faced with the seemingly impossible task of making the transition to the virtual space.


Worauf es ankommt

tts Webinarreihe: Virtual-Classroom-Training

Virtual ClassroomHeidelberg, März 2020 - Eine kostenfreie Webinarreihe hat tts dieser Tage gestartet. In drei aufeinander abgestimmten Webinaren erfahren Interessierte, worauf es beim Virtual-Classroom-Training (VC) ankommt, wie sie ein Präsenztraining in ein virtuelles Format transformieren und welche Kompetenzen ein VC-Trainer benötigt.



Sprachtraining in Corona-Zeiten

Berlin, März 2020 - Aktuell erreichen LinguaTV vermehrt Nachfragen im Zusammenhang mit dem Corona-Virus und den Auswirkungen auf die Sprachkurse und die Aus- und Weiterbildung im Allgemeinen. Da dies von allgemeinem Interesse ist, veröffentlicht CHECK.point eLearning im Folgenden die Antworten des Geschäftsführers Philip Gienandt. 


Call for Proposals

Innovation and Technology in Language Teaching

Lisbon (PT), September 2018 - The Universidade Aberta’s EL@Nresearch group will be hosting the first conference on innovation and technology in language teaching as applied to eLearning and b-learning environments in Lisbon, Portugal, 07 December 2018. The aim of this initiative is to spark debate on teaching practices and the effect of technology in learning through a sharing of perspectives and approaches to the theme in different educational contexts. » MORE


How to Prepare Employees with Video Assessment

Toronto (CA), July 2018 - D2L and YouSeeU are combining forces for a series of training webinars designed to provide companies with the support necessary to develop skills critical to their success. Each session will showcase how to leverage D2L's learning platform and YouSeeU's Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments tools to engage employees and develop talent within the organisation.


Cost-Effective Learning

Virtual Training Room across the Globe

Warrendale, PA (USA), May 2018 - SAE International has announced a pilot program in partnership with MicroTek that will offer professional development courses via virtual training rooms, accessible all over the world.



Creating Virtual Classroom Experiences Using Microlearning

Portsmouth, NH (USA), March 2018 - InSync Training's new workshop, Creating Virtual Classroom Experiences Using Microlearning, starts 19 April 2018. Consisting of a two-hour live virtual lesson, small group makerspace experience, moderated discussion, many videos, whitepapers, infographics, worksheets, and articles, as well as additional curated resources, this workshop will show participants how to design a virtual classroom microlearning strategy while experiencing learning through a microlearning virtual classroom.


mmb Learning Delphi

Erklärfilme als Umsatzbringer der Stunde

Essen, Februar 2018 - Das aktuelle "mmb Learning Delphi" präsentiert die Auswertung der Befragung des mmb-Instituts aus dem Herbst/Winter 2017/18. Die jährliche Befragung von eLearning-Expertinnen und -Experten zum digitalen Lernen fand mittlerweile zum zwölften Mal statt. Wieder enthält die aktuelle Auswertung Langzeittrends, die über mehrere Jahre verfolgt werden, sowie Auswertungen von Fragen, die aktuell in den Fragebogen der Online-Befragung aufgenommen wurden.