Platform Based Learning

Breeio Announces Seamless Zoom-LMS integration

Cambridge (UK), June 2020 - The team behind Breeio LMS is launching a streamlined integration with Zoom, making it easy to administrate, track, and report on virtual events, as well as presenting virtual classroom sessions as part of blended programmes for learners. Keeping learning on track remotely is the pressing challenge of the moment for L&D professionals.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people have become reliant on virtual platforms like Zoom to stay connected. Having a close substitute for face-to-face human interaction has become a lifeline. People want social contact, seeing other people's faces and hearing their voices.

Like everywhere else, virtual platforms are now widely used for delivering learning; concomitantly, expectations are gradually rising. Learners are increasingly expecting face-to-face workshops or presentations to be transformed into live online learning, and they want those sessions to be well delivered. They want the accompanying resources easily available.

In short, they want all the things they have come to expect from your carefully honed blended learning programmes.

Providing virtual platform based learning as a seamless part of the learning experience has made Integrating Zoom into an LMS crucial. Acteon's managing partner Matt Borg explains, "From the start of lockdown, we had so much feedback from our clients and contacts that they were grappling with moving face-to-face learning to live online delivery. They were struggling with the administrative burden of setting these up, inviting participants, and trying to track attendance and feedback."

The team behind the Breeio learning management system has responded quickly to these needs, developing a streamlined integration with Zoom. This makes it easy to create and run virtual events, sending invitations and joining instructions from within the LMS. It also enables reporting on attendance and completion, and provides event planning tools.

Matt Borg adds, "Our clients have been saying they need to preserve the blended learning experience, which is so valuable for learners. They want all the resources in one place, including the connection to the virtual classroom. And they need a hub for virtual participants to access everything they need to support learning."

Access to virtual classroom sessions is presented alongside the existing content developed for blended learning programmes.