USDLA 2021 National Conference

Microlearning in the Digital Age

Washington, DC (USA), September 2021 - "Microlearning in the Digital Age" explores the design and implementation of bite-sized learning and training in technology-enabled environments. Grounded in research-based best practices and a robust, eight-dimensional framework, this book applies the latest developments in mobile learning, social media, and instructional/multimedia design to one of today's most innovative and accessible content delivery systems.


21-24 July 2020

USDLA Changes to a Virtual National Conference

Nashville, TN (USA), June 2020 - USDLA has been following the national travel restrictions closely as they impact the ability for many of our attendees to travel for the remainder of the year. We initially believed that moving our conference from May to September would put us in the clear as the Covid-19 pandemic subsided, and we gradually returned to a new normal.



Transactional Distance and Adaptive Learning

Transactional Distance and Adaptive LearningNashville, TN (USA), May 2020 - "Transactional Distance and Adaptive Learning" takes a fresh look at one of the pioneering educational theories that accommodates the impact of information and communications technologies in learning. The theory of transactional distance (TTD) provides a distinct analytical and planning foundation for educators to conduct an overarching inquiry into transitioning from mass instructional and management systems in higher education to dynamic and transformational futures that focus on each individual learner.


Distance Learning

2020 USDLA National Conference in Nashville

Nashville, TN (USA), March 2020 - The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) 2020 National Conference is a premier event for professionals in the distance learning industry.  The 2020 event will be held 18-21 May 2020 and promises to deliver an action-packed agenda that will bring together distance learning practitioners from across the country to Nashville, Tennessee.



International Forum for Women in eLearning

San Antonio, TX (USA), June 2018 - The organizers of the United States Distance Learning Association's International Forum for Women in eLearning (IFWE) are pleased to announce this "Save the Date" for the International Forum for eLearning (IFWE) 2018 event, 28-30 November 2018.