Mark Your Calendar

USDLA - Free Friday Webinar Series

Washington, DC (USA), August 2023 - USDLA is excited about the upcoming sessions in its Free Friday Webinar Series starting on 18 August.

Please mark your calendar to join us from 13:00-14:00 Eastern daylight savings time.

  • 18 August - Friends from our Tennessee chapter, led by Erica Bell, Dr. Adam Wilson, and Instructor Allen Shull, help us explore "The Ivory Tower of Babel - Concerns and Opportunities for ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education."
  • 25 August - Shaunice Sasser explains how to "Tap into Tik Tok - Techniques for Teaching Today."
  • 01 September - Toni Hill, Olimpia Leite-Trambly, and Jane Miller explain "The Importance of Global Educational Mentorship (GEM)."
  • 08 September - Rosemary Okoiti and Juliet C. Hart help us discover "Where to Start with IDEAs (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) - Understanding the Challenges & Opportunities."