Exceptional Growth

Klett World Languages Completes Transformation

Chicago, IL (USA), January 2023 - Klett World Languages, a Chicago-based world language publishing company, completed the transformation of its business in 2022 and reports strong results stemming from its expanded offerings, improved operations, and rapidly growing client community.

Formerly known as Klett USA, Inc., Klett World Languages responded to educators' desire for inclusive, communicative, proficiency-based materials and courseware for Spanish, German, French, and Italian. Building on a stellar reputation for its German language offerings, the company is having great success both in the K-12 and higher education markets, with programs such as PROYECTOS (Spanish Higher Ed); REPORTEROS and MAPAS (Spanish K-12); IMPULS DEUTSCH (German Higher Ed); PORTFOLIO DEUTSCH NEU (German K-12); and KLASSE! (German K-12).

These are just examples of a vast collection of more than 1900 offerings that the company currently has in its portfolio. Every Klett World Languages program carries the hallmark of the company's focus on diversity, inclusion, and real-world relevance. Meaningful communication is at the center of its work and that of its parent company, Klett Group, and its 80+ companies serving educators and students in 17 countries.

"We are here to support educators and provide quality, communicative, ACTFL-aligned language education for their students. Students of all ages are learning and effectively communicating in a new language with our textbooks in the US," said KWL CEO, Katia Coppola.

The work at Klett World Languages is producing results, as demonstrated by 100% year-over-year sales. The company works with school districts across the US and a growing roster of prestigious higher education institutions, such as Columbia University, Duke University, and UCLA, to name a few.

In 2022, Klett World Languages won some important K-12 adoptions and launched its first Italian program (DAVVERO). One of the highlights of 2023 will be the publication of the highly anticipated REPORTERS FRANCOPHONES, an inclusive, communicative French K-12 program that is based on its best-selling Spanish counterpart, REPORTEROS.

The outlook for Klett World Languages is exceptionally strong, reflecting a legacy of success and an unwavering commitment to delivering world-class products that reflect the specific needs of today's learners.