LBX Immersive

To Make VR/AR/XR More Accessible to Education

San Francisco, CA (USA), February 2021 - LBX Immersive is a San Francisco based company that provides hardware, platform, content, and device management solutions. The mission is helping high schools, universities, and enterprise clients implement and scale virtual, augmented, and mixed reality by making hardware more accessible through affordable semester lease-and-purchase options for both faculty and students, as well as short-term leases for enterprise clients.

Through some of the current university partners, the LBX Immersive team works directly with department heads, faculty, and students to understand use cases, share what's possible, and match the best hardware, platforms, content, and tools to create the most productive learning experience. The company partners with work-training, collaborative platforms that allow to coordinate and execute virtual seminars, conferences, and HR training.

The tools provided by LBX have allowed the client partners to find unique ways to leverage virtual technologies, creating immersive class content as well as providing platforms for safe remote collaboration.