Learning Pool

Re-branded Learning Experience Platform

Nottingham (UK), November 2019 - Following Learning Pool’s acquisition of HT2 Labs in June 2019, the learning experience platform Headstream had merged with Curatr LXP ahead of its re-launch last month - and just in time for its first live US demo at the DevLearn Conference & Expo 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

The rebranded Headstream LXP combines the best in personalized and social learning with first-class authoring, carefully curated content, and a range of tools to enable learning in the flow of work - a genuine learning experience platform. More than 100 organizations are already using the LXP to deliver effective, right-sized learning at the moment of need, on the most appropriate device, to their learners.

"Learning Pool has been renowned throughout our fifteen-year history for making things simple for both administrators of learning and for the users they serve," commented Paul McElvaney, CEO of Learning Pool. "Headstream’s innovations, combined with Curatr’s proven LXP technology, are by far the best platform we’ve seen to deliver on this promise.'"

Ben Betts, Chief Product Officer at Learning Pool, has been working on the platform for the better part of ten years. "We started off Curatr nearly a decade ago as a result of research into new methods and processes for workplace learning. Our move to Headstream is more than just a re-brand; it is the embodiment of the Learning Pool ideal to make things more simple. From one-click access to learning through to search that actually brings you results from inside learning content, Headstream marks a step change in our LXP that deserves really close consideration as companies look to up their learning game."

The rebrand of Headstream will also showcase its integration with Learning Locker, one of the world's most widely installed learning record stores (LRS) and Adapt Builder, a full content authoring solution through which adopters of Headstream will get the opportunity to create, curate, and publish content, saving them both time and money. Headstream’s inclusion of the award-winning Learning Locker sees Learning Pool offering global organizations truly immersive, personalized, and content driven learning experiences, with the added advantage of advanced learning analytics, helping them to future-proof their learning with data driven decision making.