Insights Report

Is the Technology Sector a Victim of Its Own Success?

Plymouth (UK), July 2022 - In the fourth of five post-Learning Technologies insights reports, Sponge explores the three key insights for L&D practitioners working in the tech sector to consider.

From the requirement to work remotely, to the need to "track and trace" the virus, COVID-19 has sped up the adoption of digital technologies by several years. Two years later, the sector continues to grow apace as a result of hybrid work, automation, and the digitisation of the customer experience.

However, it isn't all good news for the tech industry. Alongside suggestions that the sector's bubble might burst, there is a sense that tech might fall victim to its own success. Growth has exposed huge national and international skill shortages, while a highly competitive market has made talent retention a clear and present danger.

Sponge's Technology Sector Insights Report explores these challenges from the perspective of an L&D practitioner. It looks at how digital learning can provide lasting, data-focused solutions to the issue of tech's talent pipeline, which currently can't keep up with the speed of technological change. The report also advocates for L&D to be looped into an organisation's decision-making processes, which is of strategic importance to meeting present and future skill gaps within the sector.

In summary, the report covers the following:

  • an analysis of the top 3 L&D insights for the tech sector
  • key considerations when addressing these priority areas
  • how to set your digital learning up for success.

Sponge's report is the fourth of five industry-specific reports to be published throughout June and July. It will be followed by an additional report on the financial and professional services sector.