Empathy for the Workforce and Workplace eBook

Saratoga Springs, NY (USA), April 2021 - Elliott Masie and Telly Leung, in partnership with the Learning COLLABORATIVE, published an eBook in March 2021 as a real-time collection of perspectives, frustrations, aspirations, and predictions about empathy from learning and business colleagues.

The Learning COLLABORATIVE, a coalition of 75 major global companies, has released the Empathy! eBook for free circulation by employees and organizations around the world. Authored by Elliott Masie and Telly Leung, a joint effort of a learning advocate and a Broadway performer, the eBook reflects the powerful role that empathy is playing and will continue to play in how we cope with the changes and challenges of our times.

Elliott Masie says, "Empathy is so key and critical in these challenging and changing times. The past twelve months have been massively unprecedented, disruptive, and even volatile. Empathy has been an essential requirement to help our workforces, leaders, families, friends, and the world at large survive, grow, and learn from this pandemic. We have produced thirty empathy concerts over the last eleven months, and we are proud to co-author this eBook."