White Paper

Making This Semester's Plans Work

New York, NY (USA), September 2020 - Your school has committed to a strategy for this semester, but planning and executing are two different things. What are other schools doing? What can you do to make sure you get through the next few months?

In this white paper from Kaltura Inc., "Making the Best of It: A Roadmap for Making Higher Education Plans for the Rest of 2020 Actually Work", educators get a primer on some of the leading trends, from de-densification to "hyflex" (hybrid-flexible) course design.

Get advice and tips from leading educational technologists on how to create a flexible experience that meets your student body's needs. Then go beyond the classroom, including ideas for extending across the entire student experience, including student groups, student services, mental health, libraries, admissions and recruiting, and on to alumni relations and fundraising.

No one expects the next semester to be fun or easy, but we've learned from last semester. Let's make the best year we can.