New Normal

Speexx Supports Companies in Refocusing Workforce Management

Munich (GER), October 2020 - Speexx provides HR and L&D managers with resources during this period of accelerated digital transformation, helping businesses successfully adapt to the new way of working. As we've spent most of 2020 adjusting to the pandemic, including getting used to remote working and learning, it's time to move away from "quick fixes." We're in a new normal. After all, now HR and L&D managers need shift their focus on long-term, strategic, and sustainable approaches to working and learning from home for the foreseeable future.

Speexx has announced publication of a resource with insights and practical advice on how HR, L&D, and talent managers can "put the humanity back into HR" - namely, how to support business success with soft skills, and how to empower agility and resilience within an organization.

According to KPMG, more than two-thirds (68%) of large company CEOs plan to downsize their office space. This means communication, agility, and resilience - as well as taking a more humane approach to work and being cognizant of everyone's different situations and needs - are critical.

"Though we're all experiencing a common crisis, individuals are affected differently," said Armin Hopp, President and Founder at Speexx. "HR and learning professionals have an important role to play in supporting the workforce and enabling people to develop to meet changing circumstances at work and at home. Human soft skills are increasingly vital to good communications."

As Speexx is a global intelligent language platform with offices scattered throughout the world, the company has had ample experience with remote working and maintaining both business continuity and a feeling community within its workforce - despite geographical locations, time zones, and cultures. For many years, even before the pandemic, Speexx has championed and been well acquainted with flexible, digital working, and learning.