Branchenmonitor Digitale Bildung in Deutschland

Berlin, November 2020 - Mit der Erhebung des "Branchenmonitors Digitale Bildung in Deutschland" liefert die forsa Politik- und Sozialforschung GmbH im Auftrag des Bundesverbandes der Fernstudienanbieter repräsentative Zahlen für den Fernstudienmarkt. In einer ersten Teiluntersuchung wurden 401 Unternehmen zur aktuellen Wirtschaftslage, den größten Herausforderungen und den Angeboten innerbetrieblicher Weiterbildung befragt. Die Ergebnisse: Vor allem die Suche nach qualifiziertem Personal stellt alle Branchen gleichermaßen vor Probleme. Digitale Bildungsangebote können helfen und spielen eine immer größer werdende Rolle.



Europe's Champion of Online Learning Goes Virtual

Berlin (GER), October 2020 - Europe's leading advocate of online learning, the annual OEB Global conference, which promotes the benefits of digitally enhanced learning and training to thousands of people across the world, is taking itself online.


Online Learning

TÜV SÜD Akademie kooperiert mit der IND.ACADEMY

München, August 2020 - Die TÜV SÜD Akademie kooperiert mit der eLearning-Plattform IND.ACADEMY und erweitert deren Portfolio mit Schulungen aus den Bereichen Sicherheit & Gesundheitsschutz, Qualitätsmanagement/QM-Methoden und zu Hochvolt-Systemen in Kfz. Das Angebot von TÜV SÜD-Kursen soll kontinuierlich ausgebaut werden.


After Covid-19

Six Ways in Which Learning Will Never Be the Same

Lincolnshire (UK), July 2020 - One day we will return to our pre-coronavirus lives, and Covid-19 (and 2020 in general) will just be a painful memory. However, it's going to take a while, and some things might never be the same, including the learning sector. Why do we think learning will have changed forever? The disruption to the sector and the enforced changes that have had to be made have given educators all over the world the opportunity to think about how learning is delivered.


Trends Identified

Cornerstone Reports Significant Increase in Online Learning

Santa Monica, Ca (USA), April 2020 - Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., a global leader in people development solutions, has announced that the Cornerstone Institute for People Development has identified trends suggesting the demand for online learning has increased exponentially over the past few weeks as individuals and businesses adapt to a new way of working.


Pilot Projects

Using Holograms in Education

Andrew ParryLondon (UK), October 2019 - Andrew Parry is an Online Learning Video Producer at Edtech Lab, Imperial College Business School. His main role involves developing and producing audio-visual content for online and blended learning programmes. At OEB Global 2019, his topic is "Using Holograms as an Effective Educational Tool to Deliver Live Seminars". This Boardroom Dialogue will take place on Thursday, 28 November, from 12.00 to 13.00.  


Team Dynamics

Engage in Learning Unconscious Bias Program

Gloucester (UK), May 2018 - To help people make the most appropriate decisions when it comes to working with others, as well as recruiting, promoting, and managing them, Engage in Learning has launched a video-based, interactive online learning programme on "Unconscious Bias".


True to Life

Simulation-Based Training by Virtual College and Day One

Ilkley (UK), January 2018 – Online learning specialists Virtual College and Day One are working in collaboration to provide simulation training that delivers a true-to-life, immersive learning experience. The simulated systems are designed to closely mirror the look, feel, and functionality of any programme, so learners can practice their roles via online learning resources that are absolutely true to life.


Growth Engineering

Guidebook Reveals the Secret to Successful Training Evaluation

GuidebookWindsor (UK), January 2018 - Learner engagement experts Growth Engineering have released a brand new guidebook titled "How to Win Your Training Budget: The Complete Guide to Training Evaluation". The guidebook is a comprehensive handbook to training evaluation. It includes everything readers need in order to assess return on investment (ROI) and secure a strong training budget.


Virtual College

Helping to Improve Financial and Social Skills

Ilkley (UK), September 2017 - Online-learning provider Virtual College has created a range of online learning resources to help new tenants settle into their homes and support their pre-tenancy requirements.