Upside Learning eBook

Mobile Learning: Let's Not Phone It In

Pune (IN), July 2017 - With its just-in-time learning approach, mobile learning caters to the training needs of an industry that needs to be "mobile" too. This eBook focuses on mobility and, in particular, its effect on training interventions. The case studies exemplify better solutions for those considering mobility for the first time or who have already used mobile as a solution for their training programs.


Nintex Selects Docebo

Handling Diverse Learning-Management Needs

Athens, GA (USA), October 2016 - With more than 13,044 lifetime-enrolled users and a 30- percent year-over-year growth rate, Nintex, a workflow-technology company, chose Docebo because it needed a learning-management system capable of managing internal growth while enabling customer and partner networks.


Financial Organisations

Moody’s Analytics Implements the NetDimensions Talent Suite

London (UK), July 2016 - NetDimensions, a global provider of performance, knowledge, and learning-management systems, has announced that Moody’s Analytics has successfully completed the implementation of the NetDimensions Talent Suite to provide innovative risk- management training solutions to financial-sector organisations worldwide.


Cloud Offering

Case Studies that Secure Faster Business Growth

London (UK), July 2016 - is a recently launched cloud software product and support service. It enables global businesses to create, manage, and publish powerful case-study collateral that communicates their customer-success stories effectively for new business wins and a wider audience reach.


Case Study

Video Assignments that Assess More than Knowledge

New York, NY (USA), April 2016 - Today's students are expected to know more than just facts; being able to communicate that information is just as important. How can their instructors evaluate both knowledge and skills simultaneously without increasing their own workloads?


Purdue Pharma Canada

Docebo LMS Helps Transform Employee Training

Purdue Pharma Canada Case StudyAthens, GA (USA), April 2016 - Docebo has released a case study in partnership with client Purdue Pharma Canada, a leader in pain management that utilizes the online training platform for onboarding new employees and continuing development at all stages of employment.


Trainingsplattform Coursepath

ACTEGA Terra nutzt eLearning zur Außendienst-Schulung

Köln/Lehrte, März 2016 - Seit Januar 2016 nutzt ACTEGA Terra, europaweiter Anbieter für Überdrucklacke, erstmals ein eLearning-Tool in der betrieblichen Weiterbildung. Mithilfe der Online-Trainingsplattform Coursepath werden Produktschulungen mit aktuell ca. 20 Teilnehmern durchgeführt. Für Thomas Koop, Produktmanager Paperbased Packaging und Ersteller der Kurse, liegt der Vorteil der Online-Schulungen im Gegensatz zum Präsenzunterricht darin, dass eLearning neben der Flexibilität weitaus kostengünstiger ist. Außerdem können die Inhalte zentral verwaltet werden, d.h. alle arbeiten mit der gleichen Version des Kurses und Teile des Trainings können mit wenigen Klicks für alle aktualisiert werden.