Upside Learning eBook

Mobile Learning: Let's Not Phone It In

Pune (IN), July 2017 - With its just-in-time learning approach, mobile learning caters to the training needs of an industry that needs to be "mobile" too. This eBook focuses on mobility and, in particular, its effect on training interventions. The case studies exemplify better solutions for those considering mobility for the first time or who have already used mobile as a solution for their training programs.

Upside Learning recently launched their eBook "Mobile learning: Let's not phone it in" that aligns perfectly with their latest initiative. This effort aims at helping companies at different levels of "mobile maturity" to see how to use mobile technology better in order to achieve their targeted outcomes in spaced learning, long-term development, and other structured interventions.

Training approaches have gained popularity over the years owing to the worldwide business environment and the changes taking places in organisations. It is imperative that we look for ways to leverage technology to support training needs. In such a scenario, mobility is the natural consideration. Mobility, although often discussed, is not always implemented properly.

Amit Garg, Co-Founder and Director of Upside Learning, has long been an advocate of using mobile delivery properly. Based on his years of consulting for organisations' training needs, he has observed how companies struggle to put forth a mobile delivery solution. "Many companies have certainly moved to a mobile-based delivery. However, you can't really call it mobile learning when you're cramming what is essentially a day-long course into a mobile-friendly viewing format. The learner's experience is what makes mobility unique, and this is the most overlooked aspect in most designs! This won't do ... You're dealing with a stage of the world in which people already have sophisticated expectations of what kind of experience they want from their devices. Most of what's out there right now just won't cut it for the savvy user."

With the launch of this new eBook, Garg looks hopeful in addressing the training needs of the modern workplace and integrates mobility to improve their effectiveness. In addition, the eight informative case studies provide readers insight into how mobility can be effectively used as a learning solution.