Online Learning

Thought Industries Launches "Panorama"

Boston, MA (USA), April 2017 - Thought Industries, an online learning software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, has announced the launch of "Panorama" - a comprehensive suite of new platform functionality that streamlines the creation, management, and delivery of online content to groups and businesses. Panorama’s licensing and user-group-management technology also enables businesses to create fully branded online learning experiences and provision multi-tenant license access to courseware and content to dedicated groups of learners or business constituents.


Smartphone, Tablet & Co

How much Security does Mobile Learning need?

Stefan StrobelHeilbronn (GER), Dezember 2016 - Stefan Strobel is Managing Director of cirosec GmbH. He has twenty years of experience in consulting large companies with very high security requirements and in the formulation of concepts and policies. At LEARNTEC, Stefan Strobel will address the question of how security vulnerabilities that may result from the use of mobile devices and applications can be avoided or resolved.


Staying Private and Safe

Over-sharing Online Can Lead to Cyberbullying

Panama City (PA), November 2016 - Brianna Wu is an American female game developer who was driven out of her home two years ago by death threats and abuse on Twitter from members of GamerGate community. The last straw, the one that made Ms. Wu leave her home, was a tweet showing that her home address had been detected by bullies.


Successful Security

New Cyber-Awareness Learning Launch

RESILIA-desctopLondon (UK), May 2016 - Unicorn and AXELOS RESILIA are working together to improve workforce behaviours through innovative cyber-awareness learning. AXELOS has launched a comprehensive new suite of cyber-awareness learning, in partnership with Unicorn Training, to meet the challenging demands all organisations face in managing their vulnerabilities to growing cyber risks.


Offensive Defences

QA Launches Cyber Training Lab

London (UK), April 2016 - QA, one of the UK's leading IT-training companies, has launched a Cyber Lab designed to enable organisations to learn and practice how to defend themselves against a simulated cyber attack.