In a few simple steps

Organisations Can Transform Apprenticeships

Worcester (UK), March 2018 - According to the chief executive of Skills for Security, Peter Sherry, many organisations could easily get significantly better value from their apprenticeship levy fund. 

The apprenticeship levy is well-intentioned but hasn't been without controversy, with some organisations saying that they've not had enough help to understand the changes, and others saying that they don't get enough value from it.

Peter Sherry, chief executive of Skills for Security - the private security sector's skills body - believes that organisations can radically boost their benefits from the levy by implementing a few changes, some of which are very simple.

"One example," says Sherry, "is that many companies haven't realised there are now no age restrictions on apprenticeships. Although traditionally associated with those leaving education, now almost anyone is eligible for funded apprenticeship training. This means that organisations can retrain those with legacy skills to remain in the organisation rather than being made redundant, saving money and retaining experience. It's a small thing, but it can have a seismic impact."

At the other end of the scale, says Sherry, some organisations can establish their own academy to provide apprenticeships. "Providing this is done in line with regulations," says Sherry, "there can be huge benefits. It's not a simple step, but we can help organisations through the process."

Peter Sherry has written a brief guide for organisations, called '1, 2, 3 - go! - three steps to transforming your organisation's approach to apprenticeships'.