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eBook helps to Select and Implement a "Responsive LMS"

Pune (IN), September 2015 - Upside Learning has published a new eBook, titled "Responsive LMS- All about Selection & Implementation", which is a comprehensive guide for organisations planning for a responsive LMS. Modern-day organisations have been deeply influenced by the multi-device ecosystem, with employees using multiple devices to carry out their daily work-related activities.

This, in turn, has greatly transformed the way learning is delivered and managed. The advent of responsive web design (RWD) and its adoption in designing learning-management systems, has given birth to the "responsive LMS". A responsive LMS provides a consistent learning experience across all devices, giving learners maximum flexibility to switch between devices at their convenience and choice. But, being relatively new, there is a lot to be understood about it.

Upside Learning's latest eBook, titled "Responsive LMS- All about Selection & Implementation", focuses on the unexplored side of the responsive LMS, its selection, and implementation process. Co-authored by Upside Learning’s Amar Pawar - Product Manager, UpsideLMS, and Dhaval Trivedi, Manager - Business Response, the eBook leverages their collective experience in the eLearning domain and is supported by their strong technical expertise.

Some of the key topics covered in this informative eBook are

  • the need for a responsive LMS
  • key components of a responsive LMS
  • selection of a responsive LMS
  • considerations in implementation
  • advantages of a responsive LMS.

A case study of actual implementation, relevant examples, and stats from renowned reports have been used throughout the eBook to support the topics. They not only help in better understanding of the concepts, but for organisations unsure about implementing a responsive LMS, they provide additional credibility.