Social E-book Reading Services for Latin America

London (UK), August 2015 - Bookmate, a leading social e-book reading service, is launching in Latin America, as it partners with Tigo Mobile in Paraguay and Guatemala. The partnership brings Bookmate's mobile social reading service to readers in each market through its integration with the mobile operator, with Bookmate expanding into four further Latin American markets throughout 2015.

Bookmate has secured more than 40,000 Spanish-language e-books representing over 400 publishers to bring a broad catalogue catering to all tastes and genres for readers across Latin America. In parallel, Bookmate is also launching its self-publishing service with an initial collection of more than 20,000 self-published Spanish-language e-books.

The Latin American e-book market is forecasted to reach $100 million by the end of 2016, and with high levels of smartphone penetration and mobile reading across the region, this provides a good market for Bookmate to introduce its mobile reading service.

Myriam Gonzalez, Commercial Director, Tigo Mobile Paraguay said, "As part of our launch of Tigo Apps, it's great to be able to offer Bookmate's large library of Spanish-language e-books and innovative social reading features to our customers. We are excited to see how mobile readers adopt this new service across the region."

Paola Landazabal, Bookmate's Latin American Regional Manager, commented, "We are really excited to be launching Bookmate into Latin America and to have found such a strong local partner as Tigo Mobile in Guatemala and Paraguay. Our LatAm team is seeking out the best local publishers and authors to showcase the service. Our strength is in being able to adapt to local markets and being sensitive to reading tastes and behaviour. In particular, our social and community features make Bookmate ideal for these new markets."

Isabel Maria Rendon, Head of SmartApp Products, Tigo Mobile Guatemala stated, "E-reading is increasingly popular with mobile users, and we are happy to offer our customers Bookmate's service with an exciting range of local and international titles. Similarly, it is a pleasure to announce that Tigo users with 4GB postpaid plans will be able to enjoy Bookmate for free."