Learning Technologies London

A Welcome Support Network for the Future Generations of Learning

Donald H TaylorLondon (UK), December 2019 - Learning Technologies London is running an international Learning Thirty under 30 programme for the learning, development, and training community aimed at developing and spotlighting the next generation of learning leadership in our field. Applications are now being accepted, with a deadline of 14 January 2020. 


Werner & Pfleiderer Lebensmitteltechnik

Performance Support mit eduBeacons & dem WP E-NSTRUCTOR

Aachen, Juni 2019 - Mit der neuen mobilen Lernwelt "WP E‑NSTRUCTOR" von Werner & Pfleiderer Lebensmitteltechnik können Störungen in Bäckereimaschinen schneller behoben und Wartungen einfacher durchgeführt werden. Möglich wird dies durch ein eLearning-Pilotprojekt, bei dem sogenannte eduBeacons, das sind kleine Bluetooth-Sender, eingesetzt werden. Diese machen das Wissen direkt an der Maschine, die repariert werden soll, verfügbar. 



MicroLearn Confirms New Partnership

London (UK), May 2019 - MicroLearn, a leading microlearning content provider, has announced a new partnership with The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science, and Technology (IMarEST). 


IMS Global Learning Consortium

Collaborative Agreement with EUNIS

Lake Mary, FL (USA), December 2018 - IMS Global Learning Consortium, a leading non-profit collaborative advancing edtech interoperability, innovation, and learning impact, has announced a mutual agreement with the EUNIS (European University Information Systems), the association of information technology services in European higher education and research.



Key Issues for Extended Enterprise LMSs

Christopher PappasLondon (UK), October 2018 - The network-based media and publishing company eLearning Industry has revealed eight key questions that all buyers of extended enterprise learning management systems (LMSs) need to have answered satisfactorily to help them through the selection process.


European Comenius-EduMedia Award

How Can We Win Our Employees for the Agile Age?

Heidelberg (GER), July 2018 - Most enterprises face the challenge of preparing their associates for a digital and agile future. How can we ensure that employees understand digitization and excite them for the tangible advantages of digitization at their workplace? Two standard award-winning digital learning products of tts answer these questions.