Europe Has More Potential

Future Technologies Require Better Links between Regions

Berlin (GER), June 2023 - In recent years, it has become apparent that the development of new technologies is unevenly distributed across European regions. The strong demand generated by the green and digital transition for these new technologies threatens to exacerbate this development even further. To better exploit the strengths and opportunities of different regions, an overview of the capabilities and potentials for the development of green and digital technologies is needed. Where can synergies be identified? Which regions can learn from and support each other? This new study answers these questions by showing which regions are key for the twin transition.


Labour Market

How Educated You Are Affects How Long You Work

Cologne (GER), August 2022 - According to new research by the University of Cologne, educational inequality plays a key role in determining how long you work. The study, conducted by Institute for Sociology and Social Psychology researchers Jana Mäcken and Lea Ellwardt, analysed the differences in voluntary and involuntary labour market exit between lower and higher educated workers in 15 European countries.


European Project

International Research Project DEVELOP for Career Planning

Saarbrücken (GER), June 2016 - Today, careers are influenced strongly by changing labour markets with reduced job security, longer career paths, and growing demand for adaptable workers with nearly unlimited mobility. Additionally, employees who are actively developing their careers usually lack sufficient career guidance and support.


A Study with a Warning

Children’s Vulnerability to Online Games

Barcelona (E), June 2016 - Children are increasingly spending time online, abandoning the TV to seek out information and fun on the internet. Now that the internet has surpassed television as an advertising medium in Europe, children are even more exposed to online marketing strategies. A EU-funded study performed by the UOC's Open Evidence, along with the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Block de Ideas warns of the vulnerability of children to online games and reveals that the majority of the 25 most popular ones contain advertisements that could have a negative impact on children's behaviour. 


Alliance for Quality

New Initiative to Make MOOCs Better

Brussels (BE), April 2016 - The European quality alliance MOOQ (Quality of Massive Open Online Courses) has started, with the key aim of improving the quality of massive open online courses (MOOCs). MOOQ supports the formulation and integration of quality approaches and mechanisms into the life cycle of MOOC design, implementation, and delivery, with emphasis on learning content, innovative learning settings, and quality of the learning experience.


EU Initiative

EMMA - the Multilingual MOOC Platform

Brussels, December 2014 - Twelve universities and businesses in eight European countries are participating in an EU project called EMMA (European Multiple MOOC Aggregator). Supported by funds from the European Union's "Competitiveness and Innovation" Program, the EMMA project is described as a thirty-month pilot project that provides access to MOOCs "in various languages and is supported by automatic transcription". » MORE

Sign Up Now!

First European Multilingual MOOCs Go Live

Naples (I), October 2014 - Now learners all over the world can sign up to take part in free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in a range of different subjects from Blended Learning to Business Organization, from Searching on the Internet to Climate Change. These MOOCs, lasting between six and eight weeks, are all offered by the new European Multiple MOOC Aggregator, called EMMA for short, which brings together leading university partners providing online, easy-to-access learning opportunities that are open to all learners. » MORE

EMMA Project

New Multilingual MOOC Platform for Europe

EMMABarcelona (E), June 2014 - Twelve leading universities, among them Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), and companies in eight European countries have announced the launch of the new EMMA project, which will provide access to MOOCs in different languages and that are supported by automatic transcription. » MORE

OHIM Study

EU Citizens Value Intellectual Property

Alicante (E), December 2013 - Some 96% of Europeans believe that intellectual property (IP) is important because it supports innovation and creativity by rewarding inventors, creators, and artists for their work. An EU-wide survey of 26,500 people aged fifteen and over, commissioned by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) acting through the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, found that 86% agree that protecting IP contributes to improving the quality of products and services. » MORE

Now Available

New VET and eLearning Standard NP 4512:2012

Essen (GER), January 2013 - The Q-Cert-VET project has announced that the standard NP 4512:2012 "Vocational training management system, including technology-enhanced learning requirements" is now available after initial testing and publication. Due to approval of certification scheme OEC010 by the Portuguese Institute for Accreditation (IPAC), all certification bodies can apply to IPAC for accreditation and thus gain the ability to certify training institutions with the standard. » MORE

TARGET Project

eXact learning solutions Concludes Major R&D Project

Sestri Levante (IT), September 2012 - The research and development department of eXact learning solutions, a leading online and mobile-learning content-management solutions provider, is working on a state-of-the-art technology-enhanced learning (TEL) environment based on serious games that supports individuals' rapid competence development within the domain of project management. » MORE

Lifelong Learning

Reviewing and Reviving VET Practices

Vilnius (LT), April 2012 - The Revive-VET project addresses the European priority of contributing to the development of lifelong learning. It suggests reviewing and reviving Vocational Education and Training (VET) practices with the focus on the improvement of quality, attractiveness, and accessibility. » MORE


Story-based mLearning in Developing and Threshold Countries

Vienna, November 2010 - Mobile phone technology is the most widespread communication technology worldwide. Today, GSM networks penetrate even most remote areas - and all levels of society. This makes them an ideal tool for the distribution of learning content with the widest possible outreach. » MORE


Serious Games about European Life Experiences

Milan (IT), October 2010 - e-VITA is a European Commission-supported project that uses multimedia to tackle serious issues related to European life experiences in a games-driven approach. Lucia Pannese, from imaginary srl in Italy and coordinator of this project explains the details of e-VITA. » MORE