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Anders Pink Launches Complete Curation Product

Brighton (UK), December 2022 - Anders Pink has launched its Complete Curation Product, designed to help organizations discover and curate some of the world's best learning content. Automatically mapped to the skills that matter, it is a data-driven, consistent, and automated solution.

We all need to develop continuously in order to stay relevant and drive business performance. Learning and development (L&D) teams are tasked with finding appropriate content that is aligned to skills and areas of interest - and to organize it in learning platforms as playlists or pathways.

But let's face it: there's a lot of learning content out there in internal libraries, learning platforms, and knowledge bases, as well as from third-party content libraries. The problem is that it's not very searchable - or organized. One of the biggest L&D challenges is how to organize the masses of learning content they have. Keeping track and searching through multiple spreadsheets, for example, is inefficient and time consuming, not to mention the effort involved in manually tagging content with skills. Responding quickly to the requirements of the business and keeping learning platforms updated can be tough.

Complete Curation enables organizations to get organized in several ways:

  1. They can automatically index and map all learning content to the skills they need - at scale and at pace. Users can deploy a recommended skills framework or add their own. Content is automatically tagged with skills, saving vast amounts of L&D time and curation effort.
  2. It permits them to adopt a skills-first approach, with content mapped to skills. They can also quickly identify where content to skills gaps lie, ensuring gaps are plugged quickly to upskill and reskill a workforce.
  3. Time is saved through the ability to easily and efficiently search all learning content across all content libraries and platforms (LMS, LXP, SharePoint, etc.), as well as freemium content on the web, to find the best content for learners. There is no need to search libraries individually or keep a log in spreadsheets. Complete Curation offers an 80% time savings vs. manual curation, meaning content curation for a wider volume of skills happens fast.
  4. Advanced NLP techniques are built into Complete Curation, which means the best learning solutions can be built; finding and curating content has never been easier. Users simply search for content using a skill, question, or phrase in order to surface the best, most relevant content within learning libraries and from the web. They then can build meaningful, targeted learning pathways, mapped to the skills the organization needs.
  5. Learning requests can be respond to rapidly, and meaningful, targeted learning pathways can be easily mapped to standard or unique skills frameworks, which are quickly added to an organization's LMS or LXP.
  6. Costs are reduced through making better content buying decisions by identifying content overlap and content gaps, as well as retiring content that isn't used.
  7. Recommendations are made based upon the AI app’s having understood the context of the metadata indexed for each learning asset. Complete Curation suggests similar content at the click of a button, ensuring the best learning paths are curated.
  8. Learning platforms are powered up since partners can bring Complete Curation directly into their learning platforms, giving them enhanced search and recommendation capabilities, which saves them time and effort, therefore driving client retention. An API is coming soon!

Anders Pink Managing Director Michelle Hazelton said, “The world's L&D teams are not short on content options, but they are short on time and money. Fragmented and vague content searches, and manual skills mapping, are not a good use of anyone's resources or budget.
"At Anders Pink, we started to solve this problem with our award-winning automated Web Curation tool, bringing the best of the web into the learning workflow. We're now delighted to be expanding our solution to bring our automation and curation focus to our new Complete Curation product.
“We're taking the pain out of search, skills tagging, and building learning pathways. This saves time and delivers a better return on learning content. And for our platform partners, this can transform their search and learning pathway creation experience in their LXP and LMS, easily integrated via API or white-labelling the Complete Curation app.

"We've worked hard to make this easy. We can't wait to help organizations search, select and organize the world's best content for their specific skills and learning needs, effortlessly."