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Coursera Launches Clips to Accelerate Skills Development

Mountain View, CA (USA), May 2022 - Coursera, Inc. is introducing Clips, which currently offer over 10,000 bite-sized videos and lessons from the world's leading companies and universities, and will scale to more than 200,000 videos by the end of the year.

With Clips, companies can make the most valuable, in-demand skill development content more accessible to their employees, allowing them to begin learning new skills in under ten minutes.

Learning leaders are increasing their emphasis on providing skills training to help drive employee retention and accelerate their company's transformation efforts. Delivering effective training is a constant challenge, as many employees have a limited amount of time they can devote to learning. Approximately sixty percent of employees spend less than an hour on learning per sitting, as they work to keep pace with the demands of their role.

"Business needs are constantly evolving in today's workforce, and employees are expected to acquire new skills at an increasingly rapid pace to perform in their roles," said Leah Belsky, Chief Enterprise Officer at Coursera. "By delivering easy access to shorter, actionable content on job-relevant topics, we are enabling employees to quickly develop the role-based skills and human skills needed to do their job successfully."

Clips on Coursera enable organizations to drive engaged and continuous learning through five-to-ten-minute videos and short lessons. With Clips, employees will have direct access to videos that address their in-the-moment learning needs, without having to sign up for any courses. Videos and lessons are surfaced within the context of longer courses. This feature provides employees with a clear path to deeper skills development when they are ready to enroll.

Coursera for Business now provides over 3,400 companies across the globe with job-based skills development featuring world-class content, hands-on learning, and the ability to track, measure, and benchmark skills through a single, unified platform. Recent platform innovations - including LevelSets - are helping employees to quickly determine their proficiency in key skills and identify areas to focus on moving forward.
In addition, SkillSets allow organizations to deliver skill-first learning for over fifty unique roles. In SkillSets, job-based content recommendations are powered by data from millions of learners around the world and provide the underlying basis for Coursera's portfolio of Academies. These Academies offer a packaged learning experience based on the depth of skill needed for specific roles across an organization.