Ger Driesen Becomes Learning Innovation Leader at aNewSpring

Ger DriesenRotterdam (NL), February 2017 - To provide customers with inspiration on learning, aNewSpring has hired Ger Driesen as Learning Innovation Leader. Training companies are noticing that the expectations of their clients are changing. To meet these changing expectations, Ger will provide inspiration and ideas in the realm of learning. He will provide inspiring content about learning presented as blogs, checklists, and (online) events. Ger will also play an active role in the learning community to help create new breakthroughs and insights.

What's there to learn?

Ger will follow all learning-related developments. With so much news being available, it's important to take the time to review it and to determine its relevance for learning.

Is something trending? Then Ger will review it and identify whether and how a training company can apply it. It's important to recognize patterns. Which concepts are successful, and what can we learn from those that are?

Bridging the gap

There's a lot to learn from looking at what others are doing within the learning-and-development community. Ger will look at ways to innovate by cross-pollinating ideas. How does a retailer onboard its new employees and what can hospitals learn from it to train their surgeons?

"Ger has the ambition to bring innovation to the learning-and-development community by connecting people, ideas, and best practices," says Martèn de Prez, co-owner of aNewSpring. "He's very sharp when it comes to identifying the learning needs. We often jump to the solution and start creating learning journeys, but Ger asks us to first identify the problem that we're designing a solution for."

Ger adds, "If you're a learning-and-development professional, you've got one of greatest jobs there is. With the changes in the industry, we've got some great challenges and opportunities to work on. I look forward to working with the learning-and-development community to continue to show our added value, now and in the future."