LMS for Formal and Informal Knowledge

Athens, GA (USA), July 2016 - Docebo, a learning-management system designed to increase performance and learning engagement, has released its newest platform with Coach and Share modules that capture informal and social learning. It has been designed to increase performance, employee engagement, and retention, as well as to drive business results.

Docebo is disrupting the marketplace with a learning system that goes beyond the typical LMS, integrating formal and informal learning to captivate users and drive results and a measurable return on investment.

"Dissatisfaction with LMS vendors has made the market ripe for disruption, which is why we are shaking up the industry with our solution that reflects how people learn best," said Docebo CEO, Claudio Erba. "We're obsessed with building a platform that helps people learn by integrating cutting-edge technology and building a system that helps capture and retain informal knowledge typically lost by most organizations."

Docebo's latest release features its new Coach and Share modules to integrate informal and formal learning, building on its trusted and effective LMS.

The platform delivers unmatched results in the following ways:

  • Docebo Learn is an easy-to-use learning-management system (LMS) to organize, track, and distribute online courses for formal learning. It supports multiple formats including xAPI, SCORM, and AICC.
  • Docebo Coach, enables employees to ask questions and get answers from experts within your organization - and get the information they need when they need it.
  • Docebo Share makes it possible to capture user-generated knowledge from the experts in your organizations, validate it through peer review, and share it across teams, while building a culture that rewards top performers.

Docebo's approach tackles business challenges like resolving the problem of lost or hidden workplace knowledge, helping busy internal experts coach other employees, and deliver learning to employees at any time - and the way they learn best.

"Docebo's new platform lets people seeking information gain direct access to subject-matter experts and engage them at critical moments," Erba said. "A Coach and Share approach keeps individuals and organizations learning at the speed of change and empowered to improve performance."

In its latest platform launch, Docebo is also providing new and exciting functionality, including

  • new mobile apps - Android and iOS versions, with a web app optimized for smart phones. Companies can add their own branding, and Coach and Share customers can upload and share content to knowledge library. Searching uses an intuitive channel-like user interface.
  • central repository - manage source learning content in a central repository; update multiple occurrences of a learning object with one edit;  use a different version of a learning object in different courses
  • new integrations - Adding to its robust list of integrations, the platform will support Salesforce, Lectora, Shopify, and web conferencing tools Bluejeans and
  • gamification - adding a rewards component to inspire interactivity and engagement

Docebo's new technology has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the HR analyst community. Research by the Brandon Hall Group showed that Docebo's approach to learning resonated with organizations' desire for a strong return on investment. By incorporating informal learning, the Brandon Hall study showed 95 percent of organizations saw a link between a mix of informal and formal learning and individual performance at 95 percent and a similar impact on organizational performance at 91 percent.