Call for MOOCs

KIC InnoEnergy Seeks Fresh Ideas in Education

Eindhoven (NL), July 2016 - KIC InnoEnergy, an innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe, has launched its call for professional MOOCs. The Europe-wide call is looking for applications from universities, research institutes, or companies that have ideas for educational products or services relating to sustainable energy but need funding and a network of partners to develop and commercialise them.

KIC InnoEnergy believes that education is just as vital to getting us to a sustainable energy future as actual innovation and is launching the call to increase the choice of courses for individuals and companies wishing to enhance skills for their employees.

"MOOCs and online learning are an important part of the education mix and are already showing dramatic growth, making this a fantastic opportunity for those with bright ideas," says KIC InnoEnergy’s Director of Education, Torsten Fransson.

"We know that many ideas in this field struggle to make it to the lecture theatre because they lack a channel to market, funding, or the professional network required to get them over the line.

"By applying to our call, successful applicants will have access to KIC InnoEnergy’s European sustainable-energy network, including leading players from academia, industry, and research, as well as a large number of start-ups. It also provides a direct marketing channel aimed at aspiring individuals and companies wishing to upskill their talent bank.

"We think that it’s a creative, collaborative environment and that it displays a belief in the need for lifelong learning that really allows educational concepts to flourish. I’d urge those with ideas in this field to get in touch, apply, and turn their concepts into courses that will make a difference to students and the energy sector."

All of the successful MOOCs will be available to view on iSE by KIC InnoEnergy – the new portal for professional online learning in sustainable energy.
The call is open until 06 October 2016.