15th European Conference on eLearning

PraguePrague (CZ), July 2016 - The European Conference on eLearning was established fourteen years ago. It has been held in France, Portugal, England, The Netherlands, Greece, and Denmark to mention only a few of the countries who have hosted it. ECEL is generally attended by participants from more than forty countries and attracts an interesting combination of academic scholars, practitioners, and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of eLearning. 

Among other professional periodicals, the Electronic Journal of eLearning publishes a special edition of the best papers presented at this conference.

ECEL 2016 is being held at the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic on 27-28 October, and the Conference Chair is Jarmila Novotna.

This conference is also host to the eLearning Excellence Awards. A recent addition to this conference is three workshops, which are held on the day preceding the event.