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Charter and LifeLabs Learning Launch a New Workshop Series

New York, NY (USA), June 2022 - Charter, a media and insights company focused on building a better future of work, announces a new virtual workshop series called "Charter Skills Accelerator". In partnership with LifeLabs Learning, a leader in training programs for managers and executives, Charter and LifeLabs Learning are offering four free workshops beginning June 29.

The series aims to help people operations professionals and other owners of the talent agenda grow their skills in areas like change management, inclusive leadership, and hybrid readiness. In the first mini-workshop, a LifeLabs Labs leadership trainer will help attendees learn

  • the psychology of change and how to make it stick
  • strategies to help employees accept change faster
  • a formula to message change effectively

"Our mission is to transform every workplace to be more fair and dynamic, and we do this by bridging research to practice for the more than 60,000 leaders and owners of the talent agenda who get our newsletter each week," said Charter co-founder and president, Jay Lauf. "An additional way we can deliver on this mission is by delivering practical, interactive programs for our community, and we are thrilled to be doing this through a brand and group of people we know and admire in LifeLabs Learning."

"Our programs rely on the latest behavioral science research, including our in-house data and real-world outcomes from more than 1,700 client companies and 375,000 learners. For the past ten years, we've researched the biggest challenges business leaders and teams face, and we uncovered the key tipping point skills that lead to big change. We're delighted to deliver a sample of what we do for Charter readers through this partnership", said LifeLabs Learning CEO, Priscila Bala.

The series is underwritten by, and will be delivered on, Brandlive, which has a robust video- streaming and hosting platform trusted by the world's largest brands for hybrid communications, including key meetings, events, conferences, summits, and internal communications.

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