Elliott Masie Event

Curation is Key for Workplace Learning

Saratoga Springs, NY (USA), December 2017 - Curation is needed by corporations and learners as they cope with a growing avalanche of digital content and collaboration. Elliott Masie has announced dates for the Curation and Learning LAB, to be held at The MASIE Center, which is in Saratoga Springs, NY, 30 January-01 February 2018.

Curation for Global and Diverse Workforces, Emerging Curation Tech & Methodologies, and Curation for Transfer: Learning at the Moment of Need are just some of the hands-on explorations planned for a small group of learning colleagues in a 2½-day intensive exploration and lab experience at the 10,000-square-foot facility in Saratoga Springs.

The Curation & Learning LAB was offered twice in 2017 and sold out both times, and Masie expects the same this winter. "Curation is about optimizing the time, focus, and efforts of both learners and employers as digital content grows. Curation is a key, strategic, and evolving opportunity and challenge for the learning-and-development field. As content, context, and collaboration for learning expands, your employees are facing a wider learning panorama," says Masie.

"Curation is the process of finding, sorting, organizing, rating, ranking, recommending, validating, clearing, tracking, and personalizing learning resources. I am deeply excited to bring together a small group of learning colleagues from around the world - at all levels of experience - to explore, experiment, assess, and deploy a range of curation strategies. This is a LAB in which we will experiment collaboratively." Elliott Masie will facilitate the LAB experience for the participants in this unique vendor-neutral program.

Lab topics will include

  •  Optimizing Content for the Workforce and Workplace
  •  Who Curates: Learners, Designers, or External Forces?
  •  Building a Recommendation System for Curation
  •  "Truth Testing" and "Appropriateness Screening"
  •  Curation for Transfer: Learning at the Moment of Need
  •  Machine Learning and AI for Curation: The Future?
  •  Building a Curation Taxonomy: Tags, Keys, and Sorts
  •  Curation Goals - Targeting, Transparency, and Optimizing
  •  Mapping Curation to Current Design Models (e.g. ADDIE)
  •  Curation for Global and Diverse Workforces 
  •  Curiosity-Based Curation - Siri, Alexa, and More
  •  Emerging Curation Tech and Methodologies

Past organizations that have participated in Masie's Curation and Learning LAB include McKinsey & Company, General Mills, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Boston Scientific, University of New England, The Boeing Company, Merck, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Procter & Gamble, Nationwide Insurance, FedEx Office, and UnitedHealth Group.