"Discover What Learners Really Want From Digital Learning"

London (UK), January 2021 - Join CrossKnowledge's Philippe Derouck and Fosway analyst David Perring in this interactive webinar entitled "3 Simple Questions to Discover What Learners Really Want from Digital Learning". They will discuss findings from the recent CrossKnowledge research project "Digital Learning: Looking at it from the Learners Perspective", alongside wider industry trends.

The year 2020 was the year of digital learning. With many organisations moving to remote working, there has been rapid change to move training from face to face to digital formats. Digital presents many advantages and opportunities for L&D teams, but do we really know - and how can we learn - what our learners want from this format?

CrossKnowledge's Philippe Derouck and Fosway analyst David Perring will guide you through the three key questions to consider when creating a digital learning strategy. In addition, they will also provide ideas for how to implement your findings.

The three key questions are

  • Why are they learning?
    (ascertaining your learners’ motivations)
  • What should they be learning?
    (ensuring you are meeting their needs and making learning relevant)
  • How do they learn?
    (reducing pain points in the learning journey to ensure interaction and continuous learning)

In conclusion, this 60-minute webinar will equip you with ideas and simple tips on how to boost the success of your digital training by looking at your programme from the learners’ perspective.