Fosway's Latest Research on the Digital Learning Market

Cirencester (UK), April 2022 - Fosway research shows that digital learning fatigue is an issue for 53% of organisations. Arguably, it was always a problem, but the universal switch to digital in the pandemic has certainly exacerbated it significantly.

Consequently, delivering more human-centred blended experiences will become a major differentiator for HR and learning teams. However, learning teams’ ability to create effective, blended human-centred learning is still a long way from being the norm. Our research shows that only 50% of learning technology buyers believe they have learning systems fit for the modern workforce, but 92% of L&D professionals see enhancing the learning experience as critical to the success of their learning function.

On 27 April, Fosway Group CEO, David Wilson, and Director of Research, David Perring, will take questions on Fosway's latest research on the digital learning market, as well as our Digital Learning 9-Grid™, in a live online "Ask The Analyst" session. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.