Fuse Universal to Host Networking Soirée

Charles JenningsLondon (UK), November 2018 - Next-generation learning pioneer Fuse Universal (Fuse) have invited Charles Jennings and Hilti to present how business performance is the new 70:20:10 at the upcoming Networking Soirée, 15 November. 

Charles Jennings, renowned learning leader and founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, will give an immersive presentation on how 70:20:10 is evolving and why business performance is the new anchor point for delivering success across your organisation.
Jennings commented, "Learning and development is in a really interesting time at the moment. There are huge opportunities to become real value creators, and there is also huge threat in terms of becoming irrelevant. I'm looking forward to the 15th to explore those challenges and opportunities."
Following Jennings, global engineering giant, Hilti - an established Fuse customer - will deliver how these principles have been put into practice. Hilti has implemented Fuse as their next-generation learning solution for 23,000 colleagues across the globe. Moreover, they are now witnessing tangible business benefits across operational, people, and financial metrics including

  • 70% active users on Fuse
  • 90% learner engagement
  • 90% achievement of sales targets by sales teams
  • 25% increase in conversion

Prior to the Networking Soirée on 15 November, Rachel Hutchinson, Head of Global Portfolio and Community Management at Hilti, presented a detailed walkthrough of the journey the L&D team have ventured on in the past two years during a recent webinar.
Founder and CEO at Fuse Universal, Steve Dineen, added, "We are delighted to host our upcoming Networking Soirée in November. These uniquely immersive events allow learning leaders, Fuse customers, and industry experts to come together and hear from the most innovative people in the industry. At this event we are bringing together the theory with the reality, and guests will walk away understanding the importance of 70:20:10 and how, in its evolved form, it can be utilised to drive business value from L&D."