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InSync Training Announces Blended Learning Hub

Blended Learning HUBEast Lyme, CT, (USA), February 2017 - InSync Training, LLC, a leading provider of blended-learning and virtual-training design and delivery, is proud to announce the Blended Learning Hub, an innovative makerspace designed specifically to support training and learning professionals. A social collaborative community, the Blended Learning Hub will provide a personal, curated approach to modern blended learning for learning professionals. 

The Blended Learning Hub, created in the collaborative spirit of today's modern classroom, provides an innovative perpetual-learning experience designed to meet the unique personal development needs of training and learning professionals. Much more than a membership site, the Blended Learning Hub is a social collaborative community, providing a personal, curated approach to modern blended learning for those tasked with meeting the needs of their modern learners and their organization.

"We know navigating the modern learning landscape is an overwhelming endeavor. We, as learning professionals, are expected to be experts in everything but until now, had no clear path how to get there," said Jennifer Hofmann, founder and President, InSync Training. "I know because I personally looked and couldn't find the right solution. In response to this clear need, we created the Blended Learning Hub. We couldn't be more excited and proud to share it with the training, learning, and education community."

The Blended Learning Hub will include monthly learning campaigns focused on a critical blended-learning topic, like microlearning and facilitation. Learning campaigns include personal learning pathways that allow learners to reach their desired level of mastery, expert guidance, and support from Phylise Banner, Blended Learning Curator; subject-matter-expert-hosted live online learning events; an engaging community of peers; and exclusive resources and purposefully curated content from trusted industry sources.

The Blended Learning Hub will go live on 06 March 2017.