LEARNTEC Provides a New Forum for Germany’s SMEs

Olaf BursianKarlsruhe (GER)/Düsseldorf (GER), December 2019 - The phrase "small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the German economy" is almost a mantra. Statistically, this group of companies has 3.47 million members, and in 2017, they generated around 35% of the country’s national corporate turnover. But what role do continuing education and eLearning play in these firms? The LEARNTEC SME Forum will address this and similar questions on 30 January from 10.00-12.30.

Olaf Bursian, owner of, will lead the programme, which will primarily focus on best practices and networking. "The eLearning industry is feeling greater demand from German SMEs, but so far there has been no central contact point for them at LEARNTEC. With the introduction of the 'Mittelstandsforum', this is going to change."

Best Practices cover a wide range of applications: Nicole Schwab, Team Leader for eLearning at denn's Biomarkt will kick off the session at 10:30. She will report on the learning platform "Knowledge Makes BIO", which has received acclaim for its extensive learning-content portfolio, which has almost exclusively been developed in house.

Carina Mayr, Teamleader of Knowledge & Training at the law firm Noerr LLP, will then present the commercial law firm’s successful "eCampus" under the title "Learning should be learned".

Denise Sandberg, Consultant at Communardo Software GmbH, will offer insight into eLearning and knowledge management with Office 365, as well as into the functionalities of enterprise learning portals that support the externalisation of internal knowledge.

Rounding out the series of talks will be two presentations. Onno Reiners, Head of Compliance at M.I.T e-Solutions will discuss his firm’s "Compliance Training to Go", and Laura Merhar from the "Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum Augsburg" will look at "eLearning Trends in the Mittelstand".

Of course, adequate space and time will be available for questions and networking.