Call for Papers

Lillehammer Lifelong Learning ICDE Conference

Lillehammer (NO), July 2022 - The call for contributions for the Lillehammer Lifelong Learning ICDE Conference is now open, and we welcome submissions from members and stakeholders from the entire global community working to improve lifelong opportunities for all. The deadline to submit your contribution is 15 September. The conference will take place in Lillehammer, Norway, 15-17 February 2023, and is hosted by ICDE member Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

The conference will be an international meeting place where those engaged in education can meet and discuss the development of lifelong learning in the future. Researchers and professionals in lifelong learning and ICT in education will exchange and share their research and knowledge with representatives from the industry, employers' organisations, and trade unions.

Edtech providers will present their technologies and methodologies supporting lifelong learning. In this call, we invite papers from scholars undertaking research on lifelong learning. The call also invites contributions from professionals and experts representing the educational sector and public/private enterprises, along with government bodies, NGOs, and policy makers. You are invited to share and discuss your experiences, knowledge, and best practices within the field of lifelong learning.

At the Lillehammer Lifelong Learning ICDE Conference you are welcome to choose among submissions within the following conference formats:

  • contribution (non-scientific) to a presentation
  • scientific papers
  • symposia
  • other formats (workshops, panels, etc.)