Future of Learning

Omniplex Relaunches eLearning Community

OmniplexLondon (UK), January 2020 - Omniplex will discuss the art of making learning "binge worthy" and upskilling employees at their upcoming event "The Future of Learning" on 11 February 2020.

The Omniplex eLearning Community relaunch event brings together some of the greatest minds in the learning technologies industry to discuss the future of learning. Alongside speakers from Omniplex, colleagues from Cursim, Vyond, and Docebo will also feature throughout the event.

In one of the event’s five seminars, Cursim’s Jasmine Kundra will speak on the art of making compulsory eLearning the most exciting part of business. Drawing insights from the highly saturated, addictive nature of today’s high media-consumption world, Jasmine will share ideas on how to design digital learning that entices learners to "binge" on eLearning, rather than seeing it as a mandatory tick-box exercise.

In addition, Vyond will speak on upskilling employees quickly with animated video. With an increase of automation in business, employees will need to be reskilled to perform advanced tasks and operations that machines are not capable of. In their seminar, Vyond will speak about how creating high-quality videos for training will help with reskilling employees in a fast and affordable way.

In addition to the seminars, the event will include workshop sessions for hands-on learning. These sessions will be run by eLearning experts from Articulate, Vyond, and Cursim.

"Omniplex have always been committed to sharing news, knowledge, and insights with the eLearning industry. Seeing a gap in the market for a face-to-face meet-up group in the UK, we are proud to relaunch our eLearning Community this February", commented Hannah Waddams, Marketing Manager at Omniplex. "This event is shaping up to be our best to date, and I’m so excited to explore the future of learning with our community members".