Onboarding - The Workplace Honeymoon Period

Paris (F), March 2019 - Did you know that losing employees during the first year of their contract costs companies at least three times the employees’ salary? Companies that have a successful onboarding program are almost twice as likely to have significantly lower recruiting costs as others.

Nowadays, the war for talent is fiercer than ever. Therefore, it's crucial to keep your talents on board once you've recruited them. This starts with an awesome onboarding program. Look at it as the workplace honeymoon period, during which you and your new hire will start your loving, lasting relationship. But how do you make sure your talents keep falling in love with you?

In this webinar you'll discover

  • why a good onboarding phase is so important
  • the common struggles and how to overcome them
  • great onboarding examples
  • a checklist for the perfect "onboarding honeymoon"

Date: 04 April
Time: 10.00
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: English