Unicorn Training TV

Exclusive Video Insight from Learning Technologies

London (UK), February 2016 - Unicorn Training has compiled a series of exclusive video interviews with thought leaders and industry experts providing insight and reflection from Learning Technologies.

The videos, which can be found on the Unicorn Training TV YouTube channel, feature amongst many other thought leaders and industry experts, Donald H Taylor, Learning Technologies Chair; David Guralnick, President of the International eLearning Association; Towards Maturity's Laura Overton; Juliette Denny, Growth Engineering MD; Sambit Mohapatra, founder of SiyonaTech; and Mike Hawkyard and Adrian Smith from Amuzo.

Donald Taylor revealed that the key theme for him from Learning Technologies was, "Who's in control of learning?" before adding, "We’ve had people asking more pertinent, probing questions, and I think we’re getting to the stage now where we’re questioning much more about what we’re doing in this space and are prepared to be a little bit assertive about how to change things."

As well as reflecting on Learning Technologies 2016, all the interviewees discuss the key issues and trends closest to their areas of specialty, as well as providing a bit of stargazing as to where the industry goes next and top tips on how businesses can streamline or improve their L&D practices.