International Platform

The Future of Education and Best Practice Sharing

London (UK),  April 2016 - Blackboard Inc. has announced its annual Teaching and Learning Conference, which will gather educators, technologists, and industry leaders from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, at the University of Groningen, 06-08 April.

Educators from over 120 universities and institutions across the region will be meeting to participate in over 60 presentations, workshops, and training sessions; to share best practices; and to look at the future of student engagement and education.

The topics announced for the 2016 conference will include the use of analytics in education, mobile technology as a way of engaging and educating, and the continuing successful adoption of technology to improve student outcomes.  Representatives from Blackboard, the world’s leading education technology company, will also provide insight into the company’s products and consultancy services. 

This year the event keynotes will be presented by

  • David Price, OBE, a leading futurist and Senior Associate at the Innovation Unit, a not-for-profit enterprise committed to solving social challenges in London
  • Professor Neil Morris, Chair of Educational Technology, Innovation and Change at the School of Education and Director of Digital Learning at the University of Leeds
  • William (Bill) Ballhaus, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Blackboard
  • Matthew Small, Managing Director, International, Blackboard 

“The Teaching and Learning Conference acts as a crucible for ideas and innovation in education.  It’s a chance for the leaders in education to share their insight and look ahead to the future of education,” said Matthew Small, managing director, international at Blackboard. “The impact of universities, higher, and further education institutions is wide reaching, while the challenges increase year by year.  The world has changed and continues to change.  Our conference provides a forum for discussion and a networking platform and opens the door to collaboration, the sharing of best practices, and the exchange of innovation.”