OEB 2017

The Future of Education in a Rapidly Changing World

Berlin (GER), November 2017 - This year’s OEB Global conference explores the future of digital education. Over 2,300 attendees from the worldwide academic, corporate, and public sectors are expected at this year’s OEB Global in Berlin, making it the largest international conference and exhibition focusing on educational and learning technologies.

Striving to steer the transformation of the learning landscape, more than 100 sessions are devoted to the latest trends and developments in

Ø adaptive learning
Ø analytics
Ø collaborative learning
Ø design thinking

Ø gamification
Ø implementation
Ø leadership
Ø microlearning

Ø personalisation
Ø professional development
Ø self-directed learning
Ø virtual and augmented reality

Rebecca Stromeyer, Executive Director of OEB Global says, "In a rapidly changing global climate, OEB places our attendees at the cutting edge of digital education. Our conference programme is crafted to fit every style of learning - from discussions and debates, to hands-on workshops and interactive breakout sessions, with exhibitors and guests from startups through to the most established corporations."

Keynote speakers include

Ø Abigail Trafford, Author and Leader in the Movement to Fight Ageism
Ø Aleks Krotoski, Social Psychologist and Broadcaster at the Guardian
Ø Andrew Keen, Author, Entrepreneur and Controversial Commentator on the Digital Revolution
Ø Claire Fox, Director of the Institute of Ideas
Ø Heather McGowan, Internationally Recognized Expert on the Future of Work and Learning

Ø Julia Hobsbawm, Author of 'How to Manage Knowledge, Networks and Time'
Ø Lauren Herckis, Anthropologist Specialising in Faculty Culture and the Use of Technology at Carnegie Mellon University
Ø Marc Prensky; Founder and Executive Director of the Global Future Education Foundation
Ø Patrick King, Insights Lead, Learning Solutions at LinkedIn
Ø Sanjay Sarma, Vice President for Open Learning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology