Emerging Technologies

The Learning Technology Landscape - David Kelly

David KellyLondon (UK). March 2022 - At Learning Technologies 2022, 04-05 May in London, David Kelly from The Learning Guild will be highlighting the new technologies heading for mainstream adoption in L&D. Since the last face-to-face Learning Technologies Conference in 2020, a lot has changed in the learning technology landscape. Some tools have moved from hype to application, while others have stumbled into oblivion. And, of course, plenty of new tools and techniques have emerged onto the scene. Here to guide you through the labyrinth is David Kelly, with his ever popular view of learning tech hits, misses, and maybes.

Learning Technologies Conference Chair, Donald H Taylor, asked, "What is new and exciting in the world of learning technology? And - more to the point - what actually works? Once again we welcome David Kelly to deliver the latest update on what's emerging and developing in the field. He'll look not just at particular tools; he'll also touch on key trends such as the current movement of L&D closer to recruitment and talent, and what this might mean for the technologies we select."

David Kelly's session, Emerging Technologies - A view across the learning technology landscape, takes place on day one of the conference, 04 May, and covers

  • an overview of today's learning technologies field
  • the technologies heading for mainstream adoption
  • the broader tech trends influencing where we are heading
  • examples of organisations benefiting from new technologies
  • the need for caution - tech won't solve everything