Make Mobile Learning Your Own with Docebo
Toronto (CA), June 2019 - Docebo is announcing the release of its all-new Mobile App Publisher. It’s a first-to-market mobile learning solution that allows companies to create their own branded version of the award-winning Docebo Go.Learn mobile learning app and publish it as their own in the Apple App store, Google Play store, or in their own Apple Enterprise store.

Docebo is unleashing the power of personalized brand recognition into learning and enabling customers to create their very own mobile learning app. The on demand app builder provides the app structure, implementation services, and branding personalization needed to provide learners a continuous, AI-powered social learning experience while maximizing a company’s ability to facilitate learning across multiple channels - on the go.

"We are the first in the market to offer this level of customization," said Riccardo Galimberti, Product Owner at Docebo. "This is a truly extraordinary opportunity, even more so for those companies that have extended enterprise learning programs, with learners outside the walls of their organization. We can help our customers spread their identity and deepen their brand footprint."

Learning technology companies are well aware that 71% of millennials say that they connect more with mobile learning than L&D activities delivered via desktop or formal methods (Gallup), which is why you see a mobile app for a majority of LMS solutions on the market.

With Docebo’s Mobile App Publisher, companies can

  • reach further across their extended enterprise with a frictionless and uninterrupted learning experience that spans multiple devices and modalities
  • reinforce their brand while enabling learning on the go in their workforce
  • establish a strong visual identity with their mobile learning program
  • power their partner channels through continuous mobile learning
  • publish multiple mobile apps (with their own domains) for all their different target audiences.

Embrace learning personalization from the brand to the learner and admin experience with an enterprise learning platform that lets learners take a fully branded mobile learning experience on the go.