Post-Event Summary

TECH Conference Europe Autumn Edition Breaks Viewer Records

Targu Mures (RO), December 2020 - The Autumn Edition of TECH Conference Europe (virtual), took place 24 November and gathered AI, Blockchain, Fintech, and Fashion Tech experts for a full day of talks and online networking.

In 2020, the conferences focused on bringing intriguing discussions about EdTech, Fintech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fashion Tech, Mobility, Environment, Marketing, Advertising, Outsourcing, and more to the "virtual table". This year, the team also launched the PICANTE MARKETING Summit, which is a marketing-industry-focused event.

Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at Hipther Agency stated, "We are grateful and lucky to have the opportunity to create the TECH Conference Europe series in a virtual layout and encourage communications among the companies. I feel that such discussions should be always in the process of business development, even if we are not in pandemic times. We will continue to bring this opportunity for tech companies in 2021 and beyond, with many plans of expansions here at Hipther Agency."

Among the top speakers in 2020, you can find talks by Jennifer Morgan (Greenpeace International Executive Director); Erja Retzén (Senior Managing Director, Global Listing Services at Nasdaq); Sukhi Jutla (COO & Co-founder at MarketOrders); Filipa Neto (Innovation Principal at Farfetch); Marek Kopanicky (Consultant at Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency); Märt Aro (Co-Founder at DreamApply and European EdTech Alliance); Victoria Gago, CertITM (Co-Founder at the European Blockchain Convention); Johan Friis (Co-Founder at Zimpler); Roxana Nasoi (Strategic Advocate for Privacy and Open Source, CSO at i25s ApS (Tagion Protocol)); Kamilè Valatkaite (Legal Counsel at Telia Company); Dr. Mihaela Ulieru (President at IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy); and many more.

The participants in the events' series were very keen to compliment the organizers. Here are some of the testimonials sent after the events:

"For such a complex topic as AI ethics, it is very important to involve all the representatives from different fields such as IT, science, government, law, and even philosophy. I really appreciate the opportunity to be one of those to talk about the risks and the need for structure and balanced regulations, still, looking forward very optimistically with the perspective that there is no right or wrong, black or white AI future. When talking and working together with all the parties involved there is a great chance to create the supply of solutions that would be accountable, secure and human rights centric," said Kamilè Valatkaite, Legal Counsel at Telia Company.

"TECH Conference Europe is an amazing hub that - even being virtual - allowed us to make valuable contacts and find like-minded professionals; it really and inspired productive cooperation. The conference is not simply about technology as a tool; it is about the technology-fueled journey. This journey is actually changing important spheres of everyday life - education, health, finance, and fashion. Yes, I argue that fashion is also an important part of our life - whether you look at it as the second-largest polluter, the blast of creativity, a marketing tool, or something that has completely changed. Once the change is happening, it is wise to be part of it, to understand it, to make a positive impact. Knowledge sharing is one of many ways to do that.

The organizers not only have a fantastic network and a clear understanding of what professionals need, but also an intuition regarding how to connect dots that can only be built with time. My sincere thanks for allowing me to be part of this!", said Jovita Gabnienè, Attorney at Law and Head of the Litigation and Investigations Team at Ellex Valiunas.

In 2021, all editions of TECH Conference Europe and the PICANTE Marketing Summit will be held online. The calendar looks as follows:

  • March 16, 2021 - TECH Conference CEE (virtual)
  • May, 2021 - TECH Conference Baltics (virtual)
  • July, 2021 - PICANTE MARKETING Summit (virtual)
  • October, 2021 - TECH Conference Europe Autumn Edition (virtual)

You can watch the full recordings of TECH Conference Europe Autumn Edition here.