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Schoox Unveils AI-Driven Skills Mapping / Integrates with Visier

Austin, TX (USA), May 2024 - Schoox, a leader in learning management and talent development solutions, has announced the launch of its AI-driven skills mapping feature. This innovation empowers companies to personalize learning experiences for employees, helping them reskill, upskill, and advance their careers.

Schoox's AI automates skill-to-job and skill-to-content connections within the learning management system (LMS), generating personalized learning recommendations and career path guidance. By connecting learning to skills, organizations can identify and close skill gaps efficiently.

"We ensure learning aligns with development goals and in-demand skills, driving individual and organizational growth," said Lefteris Ntouanoglou, founder and CEO of Schoox. "Our AI transforms skills mapping from a time-consuming task to a strategic advantage, propelling businesses to stay agile and competitive."

The new skills mapping leverages AI to match job titles, course titles, job descriptions, and course descriptions with relevant skills for jobs and courses, regularly updating these suggestions.

Now rolling out in phases, this enhancement includes integration with Visier Skills Intelligence, providing access to a vast, regularly updated database of over 14,000 skills across 27 industries.