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Dr. George Bradley Launches Higher Education Blog

Dr. George BradleyColumbia, SC (USA), May 2015 - Dr. George Bradley believes that the American educational system will be in serious trouble without an immediate wake-up call and a greater focus on making education affordable and accessible to all, while ensuring that all students are provided a rigorous education that includes technical skills and training.

The new online forum, titled The Bradley Blog, focuses primarily on insights and analysis related to higher education in the United States, but also has implications for all levels of education. The objective is to highlight deficiencies in the American educational system and then to offer possible solutions to address them.

Bradley received his Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Mathematics and his master's degree in Mathematics from South Carolina State University; also earning a doctorate in Higher Education Administration and Research from Iowa State University. He conducted post-graduate studies at Harvard University through the Institute for Education Management and currently consults with organizations as an independent scholar with The Bradley Group, assisting institutions and organizations with charting paths toward more productive and profitable endeavors.

"Addressing our education deficit will require a transformational and seismic shift in how and where we place our priorities as a nation," Bradley said. "To start, there must be an increased focus on early childhood education, which research indicates consistently decreases the need for more special education classes and also redirects the trajectory for success toward positive decisions and decision making for youth. Finally, there must be more cost-effective access to quality education and increased collaboration among vocational-training centers, community colleges, technical schools, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and public and private institutions to increase the standards of education and to fill respective gaps in the marketplace where students can compete on a global scale."