Educational Online Game Comes to Public Television

Chicago, IL (USA), October 2015 - UMIGO (You Make It Go), the free online world that helps early elementary-age children discover the fundamentals of math, comes to public television screens for the first time. Two thirty-minute episodes will be available beginning in October 2015.

Produced by world-renowned children's media producer DHX Media, the program is presented by WTTW Chicago and distributed to public television stations nationwide by NETA (The National Educational Telecommunications Association).

In much the same way as the online destination engages children in fun and energizing ways, these TV episodes will encourage kids to develop the mathematic skills they need for effective reasoning and problem solving through stories, music, and games. They can join Bit, Bean, and Dizzy, the three animated best friends featured in UMIGO, become active participants in the story, and use their math skills to solve the gang's biggest problems.

Descriptions of the two episodes

PART 1: Let's Go to UMIGO!
Tomb explorer Bit falls to pieces when Dizzy wakes up a mummy; Arcade gamer Dizzy falls in love with the top prize, a scooter; Pirate Captain Bean falls into a shady sea creature's endless web of games.

PART 2: Here We Go Again!
Super spies Bean, Bit, and NinDitZu (Dizzy) chase down the evil genius who is causing UMIGO to become unhinged; ghost hunters Bean, Bit, and Dizzy must capture all the umighosts haunting an old hotel; and thrill seekers Bean, Bit, and Dizzy have to figure out why they aren't tall enough to ride UMIGO's wildest rollercoaster.

UMIGO is funded in part by a U.S. Department of Education Ready to Learn grant awarded to WTTW Chicago.