K-12 Schools

More Than 13 Million Computing Devices Installed

Stamford, CN (USA), January 2015 - According to newly published research from Education Market Research (EMR)/Simba Information, more than thirteen million computing devices were installed in elementary and secondary schools in the U.S. in 2014. Of these devices, seventeen percent were tablets. This is one of several key findings from "The Complete K-12 Report: Market Facts & Segment Analyses, 17th edition", a new market-research report published by EMR/Simba.

"We know schools are purchasing tablets and other mobile devices for student use," said Dr. Robert M. Resnick, president and principal researcher for EMR. "EMR thoroughly documents which brands they are buying, in what quantities, and, most importantly, what they are doing with them."

According to the report, the installed base of computing devices in classrooms from kindergarten to grade twelve is impressive. Based on EMR's new survey data, there appear to be 13.2 million computing devices in K-12 schools, composed mainly of desktops (4.7 million), laptops (3.9 million), and tablets (2.3 million).

Providing concrete evidence of the extent of the shift to digital, among the 86 companies analyzed in EMR's 2014 Supplemental Products Market survey, the most frequently cited product medium for delivering products was online and digital delivery (82.6%), followed by print (65.2%).

Today's school market has evolved and expanded, making it necessary to go beyond the "old standby" sources to get an accurate picture of today's dynamic K-12 school market.

"The Complete K-12 Report: 2015" contains fully updated and expanded market intelligence based on dozens of EMR's proprietary surveys in K-12 Market Size & Structure, Market Size for Textbooks & Supplemental Materials, Market Size and Growth Rates for Digital Products and Services, The Social Studies Market, The Reading Market, The Mathematics Market, The Effects Of Common Core State Standards, Public School Enrollments & Funding, and other areas. New to this year's edition is a chapter on Tablets/Chromebooks/Mobile Devices.

Along with this broad market coverage, the new report goes into great depth in one of the most pivotal areas of the market: the shift to digital.

The information in "The Complete K-12 Report: 2015" is unique and not available from any government or commercial source other than EMR/Simba Information.