Samsung School

The Future of Canadian Classroom Education Arrives

Samsung Smart SchoolPort Coquitlam, BC (CA), April 2013 - Samsung Canada has announced that the classroom of the future has arrived. Port Coquitlam BC's Riverside Secondary School is the first school in Canada to pilot Samsung School, the innovative, complete digital classroom package. Samsung School delivers a fully integrated 1:1 educational interface that empowers Canadian teachers and students to experience a truly interactive learning environment.

Samsung School works as a total, convergent eco-system, rather than just one-off devices or third-party software not designed for use with specific device hardware. Samsung School brings a more interactive form of classroom communication to life, delivering improved classroom management for teachers, and enabling deeper learning for students through real-time screen and content sharing and interactivity features.

For the first Canadian pilot, Samsung is providing the eleventh-grade Physics class at Riverside Secondary School with Samsung School, which seamlessly integrates 31 Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 units, a 65-inch digital e-Board, and powerful Samsung software.

"Samsung School is the classroom of the future, and it's here today for Canadian teachers and students," said Philippe Lozier, Director of Business Solutions for Samsung Canada. "In a technology-savvy world, educators have been eager to see digital classroom innovation move beyond just piecemeal device integration and toward a fully integrated solution. The pilot program in partnership with Riverside Secondary School will help us showcase that the solution is here and ready - and can give educators the ability to digitally engage their students like never before."

To date, more than twenty schools around the world from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America have piloted Samsung School. As will be the case with Riverside Secondary School, each of these real-world pilots has helped enhance and prove Samsung School before it launches. Research has shown improvements in class convenience, student engagement, and lesson comprehension.

"Although we've only just introduced Samsung School, it's already bringing such a dynamic energy to the classroom," said Anthony Ciolfitto, Principal of Riverside Secondary School. "As educators, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a class full of students who are engaged and excited to learn. This is revolutionizing the classroom experience for our students and teachers alike."

Samsung School

Samsung School offers a variety of classroom management tools for teachers and tools to accelerate learning for students that are accessed through wi-fi with a single log-in. The Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1's advanced S-Pen technology and pop-up note features replace the conventional pen and paper, further building out the digital classroom experience on the 10.1-inch screen display.

Samsung School delivers three integrated systems that empower teachers to create an interactive and engaging virtual learning environment:

  • The Interactive Management Solution, for use during class, allows teachers to easily deliver content to students, share their own or an individual student's screen with the class, and monitor student progress in real time. For example, educators can bring up a student's screen wirelessly on the digital e-Board so students can show their work in real time to their peers. Educators can also conduct group activities, tests, or instant polls and then instantly call the class to attention by locking student screens. A key feature is the ability to share screens privately, enabling educators to work 1:1 with students in the classroom.
  • The Learning Management System enables teachers to provide course materials including e-textbooks, learning apps, and timetables. It also makes it possible to deliver school notices and forums for extracurricular activities, which can be accessed by students at any time.
  • The Student Information System is a group of management tool permits teachers to track student attendance, general information, grade history, and prizes or demerit points.

Samsung School was officially introduced in Canada at an event at Riverside Secondary School on 04 April.