Real Change Takes Place in Deep Crisis

Budapest (HU), September 2021 - Co-organised by the European Distance and E-Learning Network, the EDEN Digital Learning Europe, the Institute of Educational Policy, and Ellinogermaniki Agogi in the framework of the Reflecting for Change project, the aim of the EDEN Open Classroom Conference 2021 "Real change takes place in deep crisis" is to explore the idea of "Open School". This is presented as an engaging environment that effectively introduces novel methodologies, tools, and content by re-designing learning to accommodate and include difference and by bringing together families, community groups, local businesses, experts, and universities in an innovation ecosystem.


SpringerBriefs in Education

Open and Distance Education Theory Revisited

Singapore (SG), November 2019 - The anthology "Open and Distance Education Theory Revisited" explores foundational theories that have been applied in open and distance education (ODE) research and refined to reflect advances in research and practice. In addition, it develops new theories emerging from recent developments in ODE.


Zukunft im Blick

20 Jahre Fernstudien im ZFH-Verbund

Foto: Dr.Dr.Reinhard Kallenbach

Koblenz, September 2018 -  20 Jahre ZFH-Verbund: ein guter Grund für die Zentralstelle für Fernstudien an Fachhochschulen (ZFH) gemeinsam mit den Kooperationshochschulen die erfolgreiche 20-jährige Zusammenarbeit zu feiern. Am Sitz der ZFH an der Hochschule Koblenz freute sich Prof. Dr. Ralf Haderlein, Leiter der ZFH, die rund 100 geladenen Gäste zu begrüßen. Die Jubiläumsveranstaltung stand nicht nur im Zeichen der bisherigen erfolgreichen Entwicklung sondern vor allem unter dem Motto "Zukunft im Blick". 


Access for Millions

Purdue to Acquire Kaplan University

Mitch Daniels, Perdue UniversityWest Lafayette, IN (USA), May 2017 - Purdue University has announced the creation of a new public university that will further expand access to higher education. The initiative is meant to address two striking new realities: the need for postsecondary education for working adults and others unsuited for traditional campus study and the explosive growth of online technologies as a means of delivering education to students of all types.


Open and Distance Education

Series of 6 ICDE webinars in 2016/2017

Oslo (NO), October 2016 - The webinars will be held in the last part of 2016 and the first part of 2017 and will be hosted by internationally renowned experts in the field. The chosen topics are "Challenges for leadership in open and distance education"; "Challenges for quality in open and distance education"; "Supporting students for success in open and distance education"; "Co-developing strategies for rural and remote communities"; "Open education: what is really happening?"; and "Changing pedagogies for open education".