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Best YouTube Language Learning Channels

Dorset (UK), March 2020 - Regardless of your age and working situation, the need to self-isolate has made many people anxious about being out of their everyday routines. However, we can use this extra time wisely. In fact, if you’ve ever thought about learning a new language, this is the perfect time to do so.

OnBuy.com sought to help those who wish to learn a new language and found the best free language learning channels on YouTube. Simultaneously, they calculated the revenues from each channel to see how much they make from using their online platform to teach others.

OnBuy.com gathered data using a YouTube tool that calculates estimated minimum and maximum monthly revenue they earn from ads and selling their merchandise.

If you are considering learning Japanese, you are not the only one! In fact, the channel Learn Japanese with Japanesepd101.com has been viewed by approximately 12,771,083 people in a month!

First on the list is a British channel called "English with Lucy", which gets almost 5.5 million views monthly, and brings the owner a whopping estimated €76,269 from her videos. This is followed closely by "Learn English with Englishclass101.com", with over 5 million views monthly and an estimated revenue of €71,046.

If you are not sure what language to take on, there are a few channels tackling multiple languages. The top ones are "Eko Languages" (5,613,547 monthly views) and "Polyglot Pablo" (3,326,272 monthly views). These channels offer a wide range of languages, and you can also find more information about the history of language through each one, too.